ACME Brooklyn Prop Rental and Set Design NYC

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Featuring Brian Colgan

ACME has been one of the biggest supporters of ArtCube Nation from day one - they have even been with us since the original google group! We feel so fortunate to have such an extraordinary group of people who work at ACME as a part of our growing community. It is our great pleasure to share with you a bit more about how they formed and how they’re helping folx during the pandemic as we get back into the swing of set.

“Every day is a new adventure these days,” Brian Colgan, studio director of ACME started off our call. With prop rentals, since we’ve returned from the standstill, they’ve been consistently busy. It started with the retail mall stores to fashion brands and then TV, which is back with vengeance. Film is only just starting and it’s been a slow, consistent build for the last quarter of the year as everyone is burning off their budget before the holidays. It seems like people are getting as much in the can as they can to catch up as much as possible.


Brian started off working in the industry as an editor in TV writing, but as folx were getting laid off he connected back in and realized he wanted to work more with his hands. He started on sets and working on studio builds, which is where he met his now business partner, Shawn, who is an accomplished print set designer. He was building, painting, and all-around working with Shawn and he realized, “Hold on there’s a lot of behind the scenes, business organization that could help this flow and I wanted to take it on” and so he did! He jumped in and learned on the go. “It was a unique opportunity - to have the latitude to make things and learn from the mistakes, and we were learning to build a business together.” They’ve been a great team for the last eleven years, continuously growing together.

They balance each other; “What I’ve always said about Shawn, he is an amazing individual and a creative New Yorker, he is a limitless well of ideas and I’m always wandering behind him picking up the good ones.”