All a Freelancer Needs: ArtCube Nation

ArtCube Nation is the social professional network for the art department that lives online and can be delivered straight to your email. We’re all busy so why wait until you’re home on a computer? Your network comes straight to you.

Our community is a powerful tool for freelancers in film, theater, and events. Here are our top 10 ways to use ArtCube Nation!

1. Sell your leftovers.

We are creating a more environmentally conscious film industry. We know when one set ends another begins. When you have flats, couches, half gallons of paint - someone wants it! No clutter, no dumpsters. Save that cost and the hassle.

2. Find crew/extra help.

Need PA’s? A carpenter? A scenic or fabricator? And you probably need them tomorrow at 6 AM call and it’s 11 PM the night before, right? We’ve got you! Post your crew needs for tomorrow or next month and available people will respond. We’ve found our dream teams through last-minute postings, so why spend hours texting colleagues to ask for referrals after referrals. Ask your ArtCube Community!

3. Ask the real-time Cube mind.

Need some advice? Ask your fellow Cubers. We are a group of professionals spanning different backgrounds and qualifications. We will share our knowledge. Be sure to thank Cubers personally!

4. Find a gig.

Looking for work? Keep an eye on the Cube. Even during these times, we have jobs available. Cubers will share what COVID protocols each set has. Stay working and stay safe. Our SFX artist and fabricator, Samantha Mileski, shared that, “I’ve gotten every