ArtCube Connects with Local Schools to Donate Face Shields

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The goal for any charity or community effort is to become unnecessary by solving their specific issue. In March 2020, ArtCube Nation quickly organized ArtCube Army, an ad hoc PPE supply chain during the PPE shortage and now we’re wrapping it up with a final donation of 400 face shields to schools. We connected with a school psychologist serving Samara Community School and P.S. 067 Mohegan School in the Bronx to donate these shields to their 170 children already attending school. We are beyond excited to aid educators to stay safe and feel looked after as well.

As you saw through the pandemic, we work fast. I picked the shields up from ArtCube Nation CEO, Eva on Tuesday, and on Thursday morning they were in the principal’s hands: Danielle Derrig and Monique Hibbert.

We are so fortunate for our community who swooped in when the world needed us and can give where we can. Eva described this moment as a cathartic purge. When we went into the pandemic, Eva and Liz went into high alert, figuring out how to help, where they can give people jobs, and how to bring PPE to where it was needed most. Having these shields became a daily visual reminder of that panic and momentum that seems to have been a part of our journey since March. If we hold onto everything we’ll be bursting at the seams, trying to hold it all together. Giving these masks away and bringing them where they were needed most was healing on many levels for us and our schools.

This is not the first time filmmakers have stepped in during this and other crises. We’re going to cover a few over the next couple of months so follow this