ArtCube Nation Presents The Patrick Dashwood Stories Inc.

The Patrick Dashwood Stories Inc. is a production company and studio space that was brought together by a crew of freelancers with skills across the board this past February! More notably, longtime Cuber and Art Department crew member, Samuel Swanson is one of the founders and a director, “It’s very nice to do what you love and to have a facility with the whole team. It’s super humbling to rebrand our freelance careers and to operate it together.”

They opened their doors and hit the ground running.

The Patrick Dashwood Stories Inc. works both as a production company, creating their own and other’s stories, and as a studio/location/event space; they play host and can be as full service as you need. They are a team of producers, directors of photography, set builders, editors, composers who can build out a shoot from beginning to end - they can also simply shoot for you and hand off the hard drives.