ArtCube Nation: The Professional-Social Network for the Art Department; CubeStory #1

Our members have joined at all different stages: when they were Production Assistants trying to break in, Art Coordinators trying to save flats from the dumpster, or Artists building their teams. We want to backtrack and share with you our company history. We’re starting a quick-reads series called, “CubeStory.” Get to know the network you love so much!

Why Are We Called ArtCube Nation?

Often, particularly commercials and smaller shoots, rent Cube trucks for each department's gear, kits, and rentals that need to be on set. So, if you need something from the camera department you go to the “CameraCube,” and when you need something from the Art Department you go to the “ArtCube.” A lot of us “live” (aka work) out of the truck, sometimes for the whole run of show, since it’s not common to have a place to stage on set.

With that in mind, we named our community “ArtCube” because it’s where you go when you need something from the Art Department! So if you need to hire a Set Decorator, pass along leftover set paper, or need to ask the community to find a purple people eater for Sunday - just go to the Cube!


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