Eva Radke Featured on The Many Shades of Green

Eva Radke is “one of my all-time favorite humans in every way you can imagine,” “Max,” Maxine Margo Rubin, Host & Executive Producer began the podcast. “I know you have worked so hard and you’re trying to clean up the film and tv industry that does on and on and on and all around suiter of the planet”

Our CEO modestly said in her interview, “we do what we gotta do because we gotta do it” and we are a community of doers: artists, makers, activists — led by someone who is all of those things.

When the pandemic hit, it reminded us that we’re all in the same world and it all hits us equally.

Max shares, “[The state of the world is] bringing out humanity to some extent because we’re all in this crazy thing together and you and I have done so much in the past and currently we’re trying to get the message about out on how important the planet is and how we all need to be active. Activating people is easier said than done. I’m finding more people getting on board saying we really need to do something.”

Eva has been seeing that we’re not just in a pandemic as a virus, but also a pandemic of helplessness. When you offer opportunities for people to be helpful, it makes them feel better. Helping is addictive. Giving is addictive. When it boils down to it we needed to reassess ourselves and we connected to our planet and aiding our local community with ArtCube Army.

The goal is not just to change the issue in the world, but the culture. What we’ve developed as a culture with ArtCube Nation is that dumpsters are not the answer and our community will make sure of that. We are a community of artists and professionals that feel each other’s pain and help each other out.