Getting Back to Work in the Art Department: Part 2

Art Department Survey - All Written Answers


We posted a survey on ArtCube Nation, which has a diverse membership of freelance union, non-union, seasoned and rising talent in the Art Department in over 120 cities around the world. We used a lot of quotes in COVID and the Art Department Part 1, but we think all concerns and answers are worth a read.

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Job Title

On-set dresser / Off-set dresser / Set Decorator / Buyer / Prop Stylist

What concerns do you have for Art Department on a "Safe Set"

I'm concerned about the Art Dept workload being quadrupled with now having to sanitize and store every set piece and prop before and after use, with no extra support.

Given the consistent lack of clear information about the spread of COVID, I'm concerned the protocol will be rushed and inaccurately deemed safe, prioritizing profits over people.

What would you like to see the associations, like NYPA and AICP to address to our community as a whole?

Citing science and medical professionals, and assuring that we will have additional support (other paid professionals) to maintain safety. Film crews were already strapped and overworked before this p