Love Notes in the form of Fridges & Paint

Morgan Smith, scenic painter, all-around badass, and a Cuber!

For three years, Morgan walked by the abandoned bodega on her block. As the mental health crisis initiated in COVID, Morgan wanted to lighten up her street in more ways than one.

“I wanted to paint this bodega as a love letter to my block.”

Her color palette, similar to her collaborator on this project, HugoGyrl, are these bright pastel colors that pop in contrast to the dreary skies of March. This bodega was an empty shell and it now brings a smile to this community and shows you can give back to it.

While HugoGyrl and Mogan worked on the bodega, a long time friend of HugoGyrl put him in touch with Pam Tietze who is a founder of the Friendly Fridge. Pam asked HugoGyrl to paint the area around the community fridge on Knickerbocker and then both he and Morgan ended up painting a few surrounding areas and the fridge itself. 

You open the door and grab produce, just like home - because it is.</