Meet Dave Butler: Owner of Buffalo Props, Production Designer, Scenic Painter, and New Cuber!

This is a special spotlight for me because I’ve known Dave for the last few years and this spotlight was a wonderful excuse to reconnect. We met him on a feature, Looks That Kill, in Syracuse where he was painting a giant opossum mascot on the wall of the gym (and who can really top an intro like that).

Dave is a wonderful, talented, and humble human; he makes the impossible happen and keeps his imagination flowing. For Looks That Kill, there was a dream sequence where a character walks down the hall of a hospital and it morphs into a funeral home hallway. He dreamed up and shared his idea of a tear-stained transition from the pasty yellow walls to the elaborate purple wallpaper.

He has worked on everything from elaborate theatrical pieces, intense video art installations, and your neighborhood play’s backdrops.