Meet Jonathan — The Man Behind the Camper Van

In the art department, we bring different worlds and eras to life where we need specific light bulbs, or sometimes we simply need a picturesque 1987 VW Vanagon Camper. This Vanagon has been on breathtaking adventures across the country and most recently at Assateague National Park in Maryland with wild horses passing by on the beach.

Jonathan has always been a camper enthusiast for a while and was always looking for one over the years. As many have joined the “camper life” since COVID hit, he did the same — but had an extra reason since he’s in the art department! He was working a job where he needed to bring a vending machine they were stylizing across the country to Utah. Instead of spending the same amount of money on a rental, he used it as a down payment and investment in “Bizzy,” who was originally named “Ruby” until she grew into her new name.

Jonathan bought Bizzy from this guy named Ed, who just turned 80 years old and had a collection of these beautiful cars and campers. Ed started thinning out his collection and for Jonathan, it was the choice of two camper vans — a bubblier van or this angular, red 80s-90s style.

Jonathan almost walked away from this camper since Ed wasn’t haggler friendly, but Jonathan got halfway down the road before he turned back. He knew he couldn’t pass on this camper.

Since then he has made it his own, he added a small table and a jump seat which also works as a snack cubby! They have a kitchen and bed everywhere they go. Now just reimagine The Shining with this camper going down the winding road to the hotel — at least Wendy and Danny would have a place to stay after leaving Jack in the snow! Well, you can make that possible by renting his camper on ArtCube Market.