Meet Quinn, Owner of StoneDog Studios, Carpenter, Designer, Jill of all Trades.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Quinn is the go-to person for just about anything! She fabricates, welds, designs, and because it’s our world, she’s used to the intense turnarounds. “I stay up all night to come through and make it happened and I used to be the last minute call gal.”

For a commercial, Tuesday they got the go-ahead - Thursday they loaded in. She had one scenic and a carpenter in the shop for 2 days and then 3 scenics on set. They finished the cave and seamed the flats finished up as they were shooting, and she shrugged off this feat with, “you know how it is.” As production people we know how to turn on a dime and go with the flow and make something out of a “run and gun” situation - there’s always a solution and we’ll figure it out.

Film is such play, especially in the art department. A piece they made for an event they got back was this beautiful stain glass greenhouse, inspired by the water towers in Brooklyn.