Meet your Maker: Brandon Spurlin of Quantum Visual Imaging

Updated: May 7, 2020

ArtCube Army four-star General, Brandon Spurlin, CEO of Quantum Visual Imaging is absolutely essential in our shield fabrication process. At Quantum's significant expense, he has kept his staff on the payroll to provide CNC routed cuts of the vinyl we used to make over 10,000 face shields. Quantum's dedication to getting PPE to the front lines as quickly as possible is nothing less than selfless heroism and sacrifice for our New York City's frontline workers.

Quantum has the capacity to make tens of thousands more face shields in his shop in Long Island City, but that's not all! He fabricates plexiglass partitions, social distancing signage and stickers for businesses, and even lawn signs for homeowners thanking essential workers.

We salute Brandon and all the good people of Quantum Visual Imaging. W