Meet Your Maker: Johann Poschung

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Designer of 3D Ear Savers


Johann saw a need in our world and wanted to help from a design perspective.

When Johann came to New York 5 years ago as he finished up his degree, he became entrenched in 3D design and the art department. We’ve all experienced those moments where we’re racing against the clock and we need something in a pinch. As he enhanced his expertise in 3D design, he realized that 3D printing could come to the rescue in his set world. He could print whatever they needed in a matter of hours and be cost-effective. Once his mindset expanded, he began to see all of the possibilities 3D printing had: from fabricating a look-a-like antique perfume bottle to printing new, specifically shaped hinges for older furniture that isn’t holding up anymore.

In March as COVID-19 hit our city, Johann became involved right away in the ArtCube Army PPE volunteer corps, as New York had a PPE shortage. He, once again, found a way to fill the gap with 3D printing, but now in our community. He remarked as he was unable to work, New York supported him with unemployment, so he wanted to “find a way to give back to the city that supported me.” The ArtCube Army PPE volunteer corps fabricated almost 14,000 face shields for frontline workers.