Meet your Maker: Matt Carlin

Matt Carlin is a superstar. He has been an essential component in ArtCube Army's PPE initiative since the day Cat Navarro posted on ArtCube Nation looking for volunteers on March 20th, 2020. He easily slipped into the role of leader, coordinator, and fabricator who made and distributed 2,500 shields very early in the pandemic to 20 different hospitals.

While the world was waiting and waiting for fabricators with city/state/federal contracts to get their product to market, with face shields sitting around in the 100's of thousands until ready for distribution, Matt and his team of 30+ volunteers employed a supply chain strategy to get 2,500 home-fabricated shields to over 20 hospitals as soon as possible, for free and hand-delivered.

Why is his early response key to flattening the curve? It's all about the math.

Using the latest COVID reproductive rate of 2.5 and serial interval of 4 days, we can estimate that roughly 97,655 cases of COVID were possibly prevented very early in the pandemic. Just from 2,500 shields.

When ArtCube Army took the shield fabrication to phase two - utilizing machinery like those at Quantum Visual Imaging, Matt stayed on and continued to work to get PPE anywhere needed.

The PPE operation scaled and requests poured in from all over the country as well as desperate pleas for PPE from caregivers in NYC. He shipped all over the country - from, Pennslyvania to Texas, Connecticut to a South Dakota as well as made and distributed 11,440 shields to over 140 hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, elder care all over New York City.

We may never know the true impact of Matt's dedication, but we do know that because of him and the ArtCube Army, New York City had a fighting chance to make it through and flatten the curve. That we did.

Matt Carlin, THANK YOU.

Learn more about Matt...

What was your last project before the shutdown?:

Blues For an Alabama Sky at Theatre Row (Keen Company)

What is your role in the ArtCube Army?:

Lead Coordinator/Distribution of face shields.

What's your experience been like in the PPE fabrication effort?:

It's been kind of crazy doing this, but it's been great to focus on something else that will help medical and essential workers.

What have you learned from the pandemic?:

There's a lot of people out there willing to help out with a cause and expect nothing in return, and that's what we need right now.

What do you look forward to most when we beat COVID-19?:

Seeing my friends and family!

Matt Carlin Scenic and Prop Designer





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