SFX and Prosthetic Artist: Gore and So Much More

Featuring Samantha Mileski

Samantha is a Cuber, Prosthetic Artist, SFX Makeup Artist, and Fabricator (and like many of us holds many other titles and skillsets). Her love of the SFX world spawned from a job in high school where she did the makeup and performed in a haunted house! She loved the play of it all and being hands-on. In her senior year of high school, she only had one credit left (a gym credit nonetheless) so she built out the rest of her schedule to be decked with art classes. Her ceramics and sculptural classes taught her the foundations of what she carries out today.

As she transitioned out of high school, she was looking into art schools and gravitated back towards SFX Makeup. She quickly became a “monster maker,” especially since she finished her first full monster bust in a day!

She has also worked with and took a class from the supportive Tom Savini. When she decided to build a life-size race car, he always there encouraging her and is still someone she can depend on. It’s such a great feeling knowing someone in our industry has your back (as Cubers we are lucky to know the feeling well 😉)