Shield Requests in NYC are down; other states are up.

Shield requests in NYC hospitals have dipped! That's a huge relief.

ArtCube Army has been a stopgap in the supply chain for 43 days. That's 43 days of fundraising and volunteer labor to keep our caregivers, EMTs and essential workers the protection from the COVID-19 virus they need.

Way back in March, we were all so excited when we heard of local fabrication shops getting huge contracts to make 100's of thousands of shields for the city, but we couldn't tell by the amount of orders that were feverishly pouring in to our request form and never noticeably slowed... until last week.

Today, we delivered 1795 shields today to 16 different NYC organizations and barring disaster, that number will decrease. ArtCube Army, in total has distributed over 10,000 shields to over 100 recipients and there were times that tested our ethics since we, at times, had to decide who had to wait. We found the Freakonomics podcast "Who gets the ventilator?" very useful.

Everyone's favorite Set Medic, Jeruschka Argenziano, now EMT driver for NYU, seen here in our "action shield" which is perfect for full head mobility and all-day wear.

She wrote, "Fits very well. The shields make it easier to look down because the plastic bends. People are looking for more as we think we have to wear them for at least another 18 months."

However, we are seeing another Covid metric we have to keep an eye on. Out-of-town requests for face shields are on the rise.

We have almost 1,000 PPE request from Los Angeles alone. We've already shipped to South Dakota, New Orleans, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and more on the way out.

We are paying close attention to this and will get shields to anyone on the front lines.

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