Sustainable Filmmaking with Fishtown Films

The first zero-waste feature film.

ArtCube Nation is a Professional-Social Network that is committed to saving things from the dumpsters and finding a way to work more sustainably to combat our wasteful industry. The Fishtown Films’ feature, Citywide, is something to marvel at and takes it to the next level. They made a zero waste feature film (yes, you read that right).

Emily and Austin, the co-founders of Fishtown Films, started to play with this idea since they are zero waste in their everyday lives, but it felt wrong to abandon that once that got to set; Austin joked that we can’t treat set like “summer camp” for waste.

They tested this idea out on a punk rock music video, a genre always known for being radical can now take that approach to make their content. “The product you make is just as important to how you make it.”

They created only 4 oz of waste — that’s including meals, waters, and all of the messiness that comes with set life. They took on a short film following this and only created 8 oz of waste. This past year, they brought this to the next step: a feature film, known as Citywide.