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Unique Gifts Made By Film Industry’s Professional Artists

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Is your friend a movie lover? Are you looking for that gift that they will really remember? Well, we’ve got you covered! ArtCube Market is an online store with bespoke pieces made by the makers, artists, and fabricators in the Film Industry.

We have an amazing community beyond this list, but here are our Top Holiday Picks:

Gingerbread Ornaments

Do you know the Muffin Man? Enjoy these wonderful, macabre gingerbread ornaments for your tree. Made by Special FX Artist, Samantha, makes prosthetics and gore brought to you with some holiday cheer! Add your family’s names on the tags for a custom touch. Check out her other creepy treats, from slime monsters to frozen heads.

Fabricated by Special FX Artist and Prosthetic Makeup Artist, Samantha Mileski Shop Now

Upscale, Upcycled Designer Leatherwears

Do you have a resourceful vintage shopper in your life? Someone who is eco-friendly? They deserve these upscale, upcycled designer leatherwear. Kevin sources unique pieces to incorporate into his collection that makes every creation one of a kind — there is a curated nature to them.

Fabricated by Prop and Set Designer Kevin Fernandez Shop Now

In the world of masks, here a couple of options:

3 Pleated Mask Pack

At the beginning of COVID, we grabbed any mask we could get our hands on. Now, we should be more engaged with the way we’re protecting ourselves and others, so let’s not be so passive in what’s filling our days — and faces! In the mindset of Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t bring you joy get rid of it (or wash and donate it) and get a mask that brings a smile to your face under your mask (smeyes are still a thing).

Fabricated by Designer and Maker, Beth Svenningsen Shop Now VOICEYOURMASK

Do you have an introverted friend with an active Twitter page? They can now say what they’re feeling on their face! Erin O’Brien fabricated #VOICEYOURMASK, a cotton, black mask where you can have an interchangeable message to match your mood!

Fabricated by Prop Master & Prop Stylist, Erin O’Brien, most known for her work on Hustlers with Constance Wu and Jenny from the Block (Jennifer Lopez) Shop Now

Hand-Embellished Illustrations

Where are my animal lovers? Give your walls some spunk with these giclee black and gold raccoon, duck, and walrus illustrations! 10% of proceeds are donated to the Global Wildlife Conservation, so your purchase helps protect animals just like these fashionable fellows.

Prints Drawn by Graphics Designer, Leah Spencer who designs the billboards and posters in films to create the vivid worlds we watch. Shop Now

1987 VW Vanagon Camper

Now just reimagine The Shining with this camper going down the winding road to the hotel — at least Wendy and Danny would have a place to stay after leaving Jack in the snow! Enjoy the picturesque life of camper life without having to commit to purchasing one. Rent this Vanagon for a week of breathtaking adventures across the country.

Rented by Set Designer and Prop Master Jonathan Cain Irons. Rent Now

Need something custom made? We got you covered. We are the pros who make for the movies; we can make for you. From costumes to furniture, puppets to taxidermy, and jewelry to neon, there’s nothing we can’t do! Besides the excitement of a Hollywood-made piece, your purchase will help our freelancers whose productions came to a screeching halt with COVID-19.

Are you looking to start your career in Film or Events? Have you been looking for a community of artists that have your back?

Join the Professional Social Network, ArtCube Nation!

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