Upscale, Upcycled Designer Leatherwears

ArtCube Market’s Meet Your Maker Series: Kevin Fernandez

Kevin took a job while studying criminal justice and politics and realized, "I wasn’t passionate enough, my favorite part was getting dressed for the job." A friend of his who is a designer connected him to a boutique to be a "shop girl." He rummaged, sourced, and bought - this is where Kevin's love to incorporate bespoke pieces into his work stemmed from.

He's been a prop and set designer, but his saving grace during covid has been working with his hand. He started working with leather in his second job making shoes and he said it was like a big puzzle piece, finding connections and patterns.

He migrated to bags because "bags are utilitarian - formative function."

He saw all of us buzzing around on set fumbling through our bags. He wanted to make something more durable and "I love t