Written All Over My Face: Meet Your Maker, Erin O’Brien

Erin O’Brien is the fabricator of #VOICEYOURMASK, a cotton, black mask that allows you to change the statement on your mask with your mood!

When the George Floyd protests started up in New York, even after Cuomo had a written statement that everyone needed to wear masks, including officers. Shockingly (not shockingly) the police felt they were above the law and didn’t wear them.

A Twitter account NYPDMaskWatch (that tallies the officer’s names and badge numbers) sparked an idea for Erin. She's been protesting since a traumatic experience she had back in 2012. She wanted to call the police out, “I would love to say something to these people, but I don’t feel comfortable - I started wearing T-shirts.” However, she wanted her message to change with her mood - enter #VOICEYOURMASK wear. You can interchange a million messages out of one mask.