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Your purchase supports the ArtCube Army volunteer corps that produced and delivered nearly 14,000 shields and PPE to aid frontline workers in NYC and around the country. Our operation produced a better alternative to conventional PPE, as it is reusable, lightweight enough for all-day wear, and made in Brooklyn, USA.


"The shields you made are durable. We treat them like jewels and sanitize them after our shift to be used for the next. You and your company are essential!"


"The shields make it easier to look down because the plastic bends. People are looking for more masks as we think we have to wear them for at least another 18 months."

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"Both the standard version and the rollable version that will fit in a back pocket. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable!!! Great product!!!."


"As an organizer of the Queer Liberation March, we were grateful for the shield donation, sadly, we can attest that they protected us against pepper spray"